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Looking for lost confidence in yourself and your style?

With everyone still talking about the new year, their resolutions, goals, and improvements they want to make, it can be hard not to analyse ourselves and look back negatively on who we were before the new year.

Logically, its just another day, and just because the date now ends with 2023 rather than 2022, doesn't mean we are suddenly going to become different people, going to the gym everyday, eating super healthy, and exceeding all our goals, completely forgetting about netflix, cake, or that glass of wine to relax in the evenings.

Setting big goals with big steps and commitments doesn't often work, and by February, these goals are often long forgotten and purely added to next year's to do list.

Sometimes, making small changes or adding small things to your life is the way to go. Like many people, I have struggled with my weight and appearance and find it hard to find a style I love, often resorting to dark clothing and just whatever is easiest.

So how do you go about finding your style or making these changes to feel more comfy and confident? One suggestion is accessories.

Whether its a bag, scrunchie, or a pair of earrings, for one thing, they are all one size fits all. This means whether you're dressing up in that fancy new outfit or getting cosy in an oversized hoodie and leggings, you can add these items to give yourself a little extra something.

Add some colour to a previously monotone outfit, show how much you love your new puppy with some dog shaped earrings, or make a statement with an unusual bag. Whatever it is, it's bound to make you feel a little bit special and more confident in your appearance.

The other bonus to accessories, is that it is generally much more affordable than buying a new set of clothes every time you want to try another style, or you change dress size. Plus, they go with a lot of outfits, meaning they are much more versatile and you'll get more use out of them, making them even better value for money.

With money being a bit tighter for most people at the moment, its important to save where you can and only buy items you truly love and will give you that confidence boost you're looking for, instead of throwing money at all the newest magazine suggested trends without considering if its really something YOU like.

So nail down what makes you you, and find accessories that reflect that, to show off your true personality and give you the compliments and confidence you deserve!

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