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Why should you opt for stainless steel earring hooks?

Why should you opt for stainless steel? 🤔
✨Hypoallergenic - This is a big one for a lot of people! If you’ve got more sensitive ears you need these in your life! For those of you who can’t wear plated earrings due to worry of irritation or a reaction, these stainless steel hook options give you a whole new range of earrings to choose from, free from the worry!
✨Durability - Stainless steel is much more long lasting and does not tarnish or wear as quickly as other plated or standard materials. The hooks are also slightly stronger, meaning they are less likely to be bent out of shape or break, so they can be enjoyed for much longer!
✨ Affordability - With another popular option being sterling silver, stainless steel is much more affordable, and often sees less tarnishing and wear too! Plus with your stainless steel earrings being durable and long lasting, you get much more wear out of each pair, meaning more value for money!
I’m so excited that I will now be offering stainless steel as an option for earring hooks!
There are so many benefits to them, plus they look great! My new Halloween resin collection all have them but if you see a pair you like without them, just pop me a message before ordering to change them :)

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